Bennetts Road Street Sign

Once upon a time, KZSW’s new headquarters was a country farmhouse occupied by generations of the Bennett family. Not the Bennetts family. Which means the road that runs in front of it should probably be called “Bennett’s Road,” or perhaps “Bennett Road.” But, as the saying goes, “It is what it is.”

Our own Chris Basile has a theory to explain this typo. Could it be that the Brookhaven Highway Department is not able to print apostrophes on street signs? (That would explain the “OKeefe Court” sign in Oakdale, for instance.) Of course, another possibility is that its just another example of sloppy grammar and spelling – similar to the one you may have missed earlier in this sentence.


The punctuation may not be perfect at 19 Bennetts, but just about everything else is. A couple of ramshackle extensions were removed to restore its original footprint. Every inch of the interior of the two-story building is absolutely new inside. Natural light floods though its many windows. It’s energy smart and wired up to handle an enormous amount of data and future expansion.

Best of all, since KZSW is the building’s very first tenant, the space was laid out and designed to our exact specifications. Our landlord, architect and designer pulled out all the stops to help us create the most comfortable and efficient workspace possible. Pete Fecht of Lane Office designed, delivered and installed our new furniture and workspaces. The end result is a great environment for those of us who work here. We know it’s going to help us to continue to do our very best work for our clients.

As you no doubt can tell, we’re pretty proud of our new home. Nothing would make us happier than to show you around. If you want to set up a visit or if you need directions, just click here.

We hope to welcome you soon. If you’re in the neighborhood, feel free to drop in. We’ll save you a great parking spot right out front.

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