Winthrop-University Hospital’s long-time advertising agency, KZSW Advertising, has produced a multi-faceted advertising campaign to tell all New Yorkers about Winthrop’s NYCyberKnife™ center, the first and only CyberKnife® radiation therapy facility in Manhattan.

The launch campaign uses television, radio, print, online and out of home media. A 30-second TV commercial, shot on location outside the Winthrop NYCyberKnife™ offices near Lincoln Center, is running on broadcast and cable stations. Full-page, full-color print ads are appearing in The New Yorker magazine, the New York Times Magazine and New York magazine. Out of home elements include posters in subway cars, billboards on the sides of city busses and posters on the entrances to subway stations. Geo-targeted banner ads and a Search Engine Marketing effort support the traditional media.

The campaign is built around the theme “Only one,” to communicate that the new Winthrop facility is the one and only CyberKnife radiation therapy center in Manhattan. KZSW began the effort by naming the facility Winthrop NYCyberKnife™ and creating a logo with a distinctive New York City look and feel.

“CyberKnife is considered by many to be the biggest advance in prostate cancer treatment in over a decade. We’re excited to let New Yorkers know it is now available in the City,” said Edmund Keating, Winthrop’s Vice President of Marketing, Advertising and Public Affairs. “Winthrop has successfully treated more prostate cancer patients at our Mineola, Long Island facility than any other CyberKnife center in the country. Now we’re making access to this breakthrough technology and our unrivalled experience even more convenient for patients throughout the New York metropolitan area.”

NYCyberKnife Print Ad

All elements of the campaign drive home several powerful ideas: There is only one CyberKnife center in Manhattan. There’s only one most-experienced CyberKnife team in the country – Winthrop’s. CyberKnife is the biggest advance in prostate cancer treatment in a decade. The treatment is as effective as surgery, but with no pain and less risk of side effects. And treatment takes just five brief visits in one week.

“When the service being advertised is as proprietary and powerful as the Winthrop’s NYCyberKnife™, the advertising should be direct, factual and confident. When you have the first, the best and the most proven treatment available, getting too clever with the execution is actually counterproductive,” said KZSW President and Creative Director, Jack Schultheis. “At the same time, it’s essential that all elements of the campaign – images, voiceover talent, music, messaging and media selection – meet the highest standards of creative direction and production. After all, we’re speaking to mature men and women in the world’s most sophisticated media marketplace.”

Early results from the Winthrop NYCyberKnife™ campaign have lived up to everyone’s very high expectations, which were based on the tremendous success Winthrop has achieved since it began advertising its CyberKnife facility in Mineola a number of years ago. In the first few weeks, inquiries from New York City and surrounding counties have been growing and patients are being booked for treatment at a steady pace.

The Winthrop NYCyberKnife™ facility is located at 150 Amsterdam Avenue at 66th Street, just steps from Lincoln Center. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call
1-866-WINTHROP or visit

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