Welcome to KZSW Advertising.

Thanks for visiting. Rather than waste your time repeating all the buzzwords you can find in any ad agency Web site, blog or tweet, we would like to point out one key fact about KZSW.

Many of the accounts we work with have been with us for years. Most of them for over a decade. Through good times and bad, bubbles and busts.

We like what that says about us. We meet commitments. Exceed expectations. Keep to budgets. And ring the cash register.

So here's the takeaway (to use one of those industry buzzwords): We help clients grow their businesses. That's how we built our own.

Please take a look at our work and if you like what you see, maybe we can get a cup of coffee some time?

What's New?

Our new campaign introduces Manhattan's one and only CyberKnife center.
Read all about it.